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Green Beans, Bacon, Onion: the Perfect Side Dish!

recipe instructions for making green beans with bacon and onion.
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Hands holding dried rose petals

The Art of Collecting and Using Rose Petals at Gentry Homestead

Greetings from the serene rose gardens of Gentry Homestead! Our property is resplendent with lush, vibrant rose bushes that are more than just picturesque landscaping elements; they are also a […]
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From Seed to Stand: Growing Carrots at Gentry Homestead

At Gentry Homestead, we've always believed in the power of learning, experimenting, and perfecting the art of farming. A cornerstone of our produce offerings are our homegrown carrots - sweet, […]
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The Benefits of Free-Ranging Laying Hen Chickens

At Gentry Homestead, we've seen firsthand the advantages of a free-ranging lifestyle for our flock of over 50 chicks, hens, and roosters. This method, which allows our chickens to roam […]
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A Gardener's Guide: The Art of Collecting, Washing, Drying, and Storing Tomato Seeds for the Next Season

Hello, dear readers! Today, we're delving into a particularly rewarding aspect of home gardening: collecting and storing tomato seeds. By harvesting your own seeds, you ensure that you are growing […]
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Egg Production → Turkey Transition

At Gentry Homestead, we are committed to providing our local community with fresh, nutritious eggs from happy and healthy pasture-fed chickens. To achieve this, we hatch our own chicks through […]
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Kunekune Pigs

Kunekune pigs are a unique breed of domesticated pig that originated in New Zealand. The word "Kunekune" means "fat and round" in the Maori language, which is an apt description […]
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Dexter Cattle

Welcome to the Gentry Homestead, a place where sustainable living and love for the environment go hand in hand. Our family farm is committed to preserving the land for future […]
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Chicken Incubation and Hatching Baby Chicks

Chicken Incubation

Have you ever thought about incubating and raising your own chickens? Not only can this provide you with a steady source of fresh eggs or meat, but it also allows […]
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The Gentry Homestead Grow Tunnel

High Tunnel

At Gentry Homestead, we utilize a variety of sustainable farming practices to ensure that we are growing healthy, nutritious produce while also minimizing our impact on the environment. One of […]
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