Kunekune Pigs

Kunekune pigs are a unique breed of domesticated pig that originated in New Zealand. The word "Kunekune" means "fat and round" in the Maori language, which is an apt description of these pigs. The breed was developed by the Maori people of New Zealand, who bred small, colorful pigs for food and cultural purposes. The pigs were kept as a domesticated animal and allowed to roam freely in the villages. However, as agriculture became more industrialized in New Zealand, Kunekune pigs nearly went extinct. Fortunately, a small group of enthusiasts began breeding and preserving the breed in the 1970s. Since then, Kunekune pigs have gained popularity worldwide as a unique and friendly breed of pig that is well-suited for small farms and backyard homesteads.

At Gentry Homestead, we are committed to being self-sufficient and providing our local community with high-quality, pasture-raised pork. That's why we decided to add Kunekune pigs to our homestead. Not only are they a unique and friendly breed of pig, but they are also well-suited for small farms and require minimal space and inputs. Kunekune pigs are excellent foragers and thrive on a pasture-based diet, which aligns with our sustainable farming practices. By raising these pigs on our homestead, we are able to offer our customers a delicious and healthy alternative to conventionally raised pork, while also supporting our local food system.

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As part of our commitment to providing our community with high-quality, sustainable pork, we have established a breeding program for Kunekune pigs at Gentry Homestead. By breeding our own pigs, we can ensure that they are born and raised on our homestead and fed a nutritious, pasture-based diet. This approach not only ensures the health and welfare of the pigs but also supports our mission of being self-sufficient and sustainable. Starting in the winter of 2023, we will be offering pork cuts for purchase on our website. These cuts will be from our own Kunekune pigs, and will be processed at a local USDA-inspected facility. We will offer a range of cuts, from bacon and sausage to pork chops and roasts, all with the exceptional flavor and quality that comes from pasture-raised pork. We are excited to share our pork with our community and to promote sustainable, local agriculture.

We take pride in our Kunekune breeding program and strive to produce healthy, quality pigs that meet the standards set forth by the American Kunekune Pig Preservation Society (AKKPS). To this end, we have carefully selected a few breeding pairs of AKKPS registered Kunekune pigs that exhibit excellent conformation, temperament, and meat quality. As part of our commitment to the preservation of this unique breed, we will also be offering the ability to purchase AKKPS registered Kunekune piglets for $600, with registration papers included. These piglets will be born and raised on our homestead, and will be socialized with humans and other animals from an early age to ensure their friendly and docile temperament. We are excited to offer these exceptional piglets to others who share our passion for sustainable agriculture and the preservation of rare and heritage breeds.

At Gentry Homestead, we are thrilled to offer our community the opportunity to taste the exceptional flavor and quality of pasture-raised Kunekune pork. We take pride in our commitment to sustainable and humane farming practices, and believe that the quality of our pork reflects this. By offering pork cuts for purchase on our website, we hope to provide a convenient and accessible way for our community to enjoy healthy, delicious, and ethically-raised pork. We are dedicated to continuing to feed our local community with integrity and good farming practices, and we believe that Kunekune pigs are an important part of this vision. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our love for farming and our passion for delicious, healthy food with our community.

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