Kunekune Boar 34066P


Introducing our exquisite Kunekune boar, call name "Ron", a standout with his striking ginger coat. Born on April 18, 2023, this charming young lad exemplifies the best qualities of the breed, making him an exceptional choice for breeders, hobbyists, or those looking for an unique and sociable companion.

As a testament to his lineage and quality, our boar is proudly registered with the American Kunekune Pig Society (AKKPS). This assures you of his pure breed credentials and adherence to the high breed standards set by the society.

Our ginger boar showcases the sturdy build and characteristic dished face of the breed, combined with a good-natured and docile temperament. He's sure to bring both joy and quality genetics to any Kunekune breeding program or hobby farm.

Act quickly to add this wonderful ginger Kunekune boar to your family or farm. His combination of radiant ginger coat, charming personality, and premium AKKPS registration makes him a rare find indeed.


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