Center Cut Pork Chops- Individual

pork chop

Average 0.5 lb package, one pork chop per package!

Delight in the exceptional taste and tenderness of our Kunekune Center Cut Pork Chops, the epitome of fine dining from our pasture to your plate. Each chop is expertly trimmed, boasting a perfect balance of lean, succulent meat and a ribbon of creamy fat that edges the meat for an unrivaled flavor profile. From the heart of the loin, these chops encapsulate the essence of what makes Kunekune pork so extraordinary: a tender texture that is simply a joy to savor, and a naturally sweet, nutty flavor that comes from a diet of fresh pasture forage. Versatile and easy to cook, our center cut chops are a chef's dream—grill to a smoky perfection, pan-sear for a golden crust, or bake for a juicy centerpiece. These chops aren't just a meal; they're a gourmet experience meant to be relished with every bite.



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