Basil Pesto Linguine with Chicken Recipe

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2 handfuls of basil leaves

¼ cup of oven toasted Pine Nuts

5 cloves of Garlic

½ cup to ¾ cup of EVOO

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Grated Asiago Cheese



Blend these items in a blender or food processor. The amount of EVOO will vary depending on how thick or runny you prefer your sauce. I love adding more garlic but that’s just me! Salt and Pepper after all the items are blended together into a paste. 

One package of linguine pasta (or homemade if you have time)

Linguine pasta! You know what to do! Boil that to your liking. I’m an al dente person so I don’t boil them all the way. I like a little bit of firmness. The best trick? Add salt and EVOO to your water for a nice boil and a sea salt taste to your noodles.

2-4 chicken breasts

Chicken. Now the way you cook your chicken is complete up to you. I’ve seen some people grill it outside if the weather is good. Or maybe you like to chop it into chunks and then cook. But me, I prefer some seasoning salt and pepper, then pan fry and cut after its completed. Getting a nice crust on each side. 

Serving up this bad boy is easy! I toss my noodles and my pesto in a big serving bowl. By doing this all of my noodles are perfectly covered with pesto! Then I plate, add my slices of chicken and sprinkle with any leftover cheese. The more cheese the better!! Enjoy!

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