We are finally up and running, and so glad you are here to join us! If you’ve been following our social media accounts, today is the day we launch our website!

Michael and I have been working with our marketing team for six months now to have this amazing site just for you. It’s been a blessing to buy our dream farm, remodel and build it out, and now to share our experiences, products, and life with all of you! 

If you are here for photography services, head over to see my portfolio. I am a “retired” art teacher. I say this lightly because I taught for three years and then decided to move out of state to be a homesteader, so I’m not truly seasoned in the profession. But at age 27 (too close to 30 for my taste) I am honored to have taught for three years and have been taking photographs and photo classes since I was 15 years old.

My style is not traditional as some may like, but that’s part of the photography fun, the liberty to choose what I shoot and where. Looking for something unique? You may have met your match with me! If you are here to but some of our homestead products, look no further than our online store.

We are gladly releasing our first (of many) collections today! Once it sells out, we will need time to restock. For you, we have soap, all made here on the homestead and some with goat milk in them. Not only are they amazing to the touch, but they are also free of extra chemicals and ingredients you cannot pronounce when reading the label. Only the best for my clients!

In addition to soap, my art teacher background was itching to get into a new medium so this summer I took up screen printing. For you, I have designs of my own creation screen printed onto hand-selected apparel that continues to be a part of our homestead brand and feel. From farm style to branding to Tennessee loving, there are some great options. But don’t worry, many new designs are coming for each season!

Lastly, we have some amazing wood crafted items from my father’s work shed. He and I sat down months ago to plan out a few products that are not only creative and functional but a little bit of us. These new products, and others to come, are crafted out of bourbon barrels (and y’all know how much my family loves bourbon) and made with quality wood, sealed for functional use. 

If you are here to read blogs and keep up to date with the homestead in general, the blog page is for you! Updated weekly, the blog page will keep you well informed with our new adventures, projects, products, recipes, and more as the years' progress. One of our goals is to be 90% self-sufficient by 2025!

Follow along to see how we reach that goal. Now if you made it through all that, congratulations! You truly are a supporter of our homestead dreams and we are so excited to have you on our side!

Article written by Hunter Gentry

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